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Saint Louis, MO

Member Since
July 10, 2012

Favorite Video
The Zabruder Film

Favorite Restaurant
Texas Roadhouse

Tags that describe me
I don't wear tags!

In my spare time I...
look for things to do in my spare time.

People Say I...
am young at heart.

Favorite Travel Place
Las Vegas

Favorite Band

Favorite Movie
The Great Race

Favorite Book
The last one I sold

With extra money I buy...
Silver and gold, silver and gold.....

My best childhood memory...
Last week I drove really fast.

My parents always told me...
go outside and play in the traffic.

Scott S
There can be only 1...
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Level 5
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Level 5
Voted for Red Lobster
FRESH seafood
Delicious, never had a bad meal here. Make sure you try the pasta, fish combos....GREAT! Hostesses are very nice and everyone helps to make your dinner delightful. Clam Chowder is yummy.
in Saint Louis, MO
Level 5
The staff here is above top notch! Helpful. Knowledgable. Experienced. Honest. ASK for T.J.....he's the best!
in Saint Louis, MO
Level 5
Scott S unlocked the Whip Kudos
This car is automatic, it's systematic, it's hydromatic. It's the Whip Kudos for you.
in Saint Louis, MO
Level 5
Friendly staff and clean store
I like this Walmart and staff alot. Their bakery goods are especially fresh. Photo Center is very helpful. The toy area could use some expansion...always short of something. Good selection in the pet area. Customer Service people are always willing to help.
in Saint Louis, MO
Level 5
Voted for Lowe's
Well organized and clean
You can find what you are looking for when the store is put together well like this one. Just watch for the crazy parking lot since you go past all other businesses to get there.
in Saint Louis, MO
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