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West County Power Sports

60 Meramec Valley Plz, Valley Park, MO 63088
West County Power Sports Mojo 2/ 5
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008
I have delt with this shop several times. I bought my extended warranty for my gsxr last year. So far every department in the shop has horrible customer service. The sales department is full of tools who brag about how fast they drive in traffic and stories of their glory days racing on some sh!t circuit. The shop must hire the mentally challenged ( which I always support this type of charity) its not so great for working on bikes in a timely fashion. I have been waiting 3 wks for a butterfly valve to be replaced with no result as of yet. I have called at least 6 times for updates with only one call back. The last time I called and complained no one called with an updated ,they said they wrote down the wrong phone number (this was after my one call back I received). All i can say is go to Donaldsons cycles and support them or drive to Illinois to save the frustration.

Follow up.
It has now been over 1 month for this service. I have called several times and went into the shop to ask what the hold up was. They told me shipping must be taking longer because of high gas prices.!!!The part was finally replaced but never called to let me know it was done. I called again today (thurs) and they said they left a voicemail last friday. I am looking back on my blackberry but no Westcounty voicemails here. This shop is cr@p. None of the people i ride with go here and I should of known better. It was just the closest to my house. I hope this helps.

Pros: nice selection
Cons: high pressure sales, most employees are tools, shop service takes way too long
Recommended: Yes