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Sears Auto Center

3 Mid Rivers Mall, Saint Peters, MO 63376 map
Sears Auto Center Mojo 2/ 5
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Worst technicians and worst customer service.
My car would not start so my husband cleaned the gunk off of the battery and jump started it. We brought it to Sears off of Midrivers Mall because the battery was still under warranty. They did a test and was going to call us back in 30 min, they never did so I called them after 1 hr went by. They said that it wasn't the battery. The battery had the white stuff all over it so I couldn't believe that it's not the battery!!! Mike was the service tech there and said that it was the wiring and they couldn't do anything about it and it's out of their hands. He said that they couldn't even get it to start, which was bs, because we got it to start and drove it to Sears. He said that it should be covered under warranty if I take it to the dealership and I trusted him. I called a tow truck and they brought it to my dealership which is quite aways (tow bill was $173). My dealership service tech looked at my car the next day and he said that it was definitely the battery, acid was leaking out of it and that caused the wiring to go bad. It was not covered under my extended warranty. I called Sears right away and I was very mad because this could've been prevented if Mike had not lied to me about the battery. Bob was kind enough to give me a replacement battery but wanted me to pick it up. how? I don't have a car, it's in the dealership!!! Bob eventually got a courier. I asked for a towing reimbusement but Bob said Sears don't reimburse towing and that's their policy, he couldn't do anything for me. The manager did not want to speak with me because he was busy assisting other customers. I kept telling Bob that it was their error, whatever diagnostic test they did saying that the battery was fine was WRONG. I could've had it towed to a much closer repair shop for maybe $30-$50 instead of $173. They just kept telling me that they cannot do anything about it. I asked for the district manager's phone number and called but never got a call back from him.

Pros: NONE
Cons: Worst Tech, no customer service
Recommended: Yes
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