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Kirkwood Plumbing Inc

248 Grand Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63122
Kirkwood Plumbing Inc Mojo 2/ 5
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Friday, May 30, 2008
Avoid Kirkwood Plumbing
I called Kirkwood Plumbing to stop by for a quote on a whole home remodel (~$10k worth of work, no fixtures). My appointment time was 2-4 but I was never informed that they would call me when they were on their way. I took off work at 1:30 to be at my house before 2 to meet the Plumber. By 2:30 I had not heard anything & called the office.The secretary told me I was second in line and estimated he'd be at my house by 3. Finally at 3:30 she calls to say the plumber is running late & won't be out until 4:30. Then again at 4:30 she calls to tell me the plumber is running late again & asked if i'll be around or reschedule. Well, #1 no i was not rescheduling since I had already taken off work 3.5 hours early, and #2 yes I'll be around for awhile longer. Around 5:30 things came up that required me to leave the house. I called the office & no answer. I assumed that the plumber would at least call me when he was on the way just like AT&T and Dish Network do but I heard nothing. I left the house at 5:35. Not but 15 minutes after I left, the plumber left me a very rude voice mail asking where I was. His tone of voice was very inappropriate and that definitely made me want to look elsewhere. I called the office the next morning to inform them of the mix up but they too were rude & told me they are not bidding the job. The fact that the plumber was late twice should have been a big enough red flag. But the rude messages & lack of concern from both the plumber & office is not the type of contractor I want nor deserve. This was all forewarning signs that could have led me to numerous tardies and no-show's at the job site. If the Plumber would have just picked up his phone to inform me he was on the way, maybe things would have worked out however he waits until he gets to the house to call and leave and angry message.
Definitely their loss, not mine! LOOK ELSEWHERE or you may be looking at a year long project vs a week or two. Good luck!

Pros: Nice sounding secretary
Cons: Constantly Late, Rude Messages, Very Poor Communication
Recommended: Yes
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Primary Phone: (314) 966-4772